5 a seco

The group was born with the idea of uniting five artists with unique characteristics. The collective of composers brings together different elements that merge into a coherent whole. With three albums released - Ao Vivo no Auditório Ibirapuera (2012), Policromo (2014) and Síntese (2018) - the collective will celebrate ten years in July 2019, with thousands of fans and hundreds of concerts all over Brazil.

Through original songs, the collective is always searching for innovative sounds and gathering attention among the Brazilian music scenario. In recordings and concerts, its members take turns on all instruments, creating a new scenic and musical performance.

Above all, what unites and defines the 5 a seco is the joy of Leo Bianchini, Pedro Altério, Pedro Viáfora, Tó Brandileone and Vinicius Calderoni of being together.